To provide you with accurate quotes it helps us to know:

  • Sheet Size
  • Foil/Emboss Image size
  • Stock (sheet thickness/type)
  • Is the job Going to laminated/ Spot uv'd 
  • Will the job be printed offset or Digitally
  • Quantity

If you're unsure about any of these details then feel free to give Me(Stu) a call or email (


Maximum sizes are as follows below. If you are uncertain about any of the terms used, feel free to contact us.

Foiling and Embossing

  Minimum Size Maximum Size
Sheet Size 100mm x 100mm 750mm x 560mm
Grip 15mm from short edge of sheet to image area n/a
Lay 30mm from long edge of sheet to image area n/a
Print Area n/a 700mm x 500mm


Machine Minimum Size Maximum Size
Purlux N/A 900mmx640mm
Heidelberg Cylinders 100mm x 100mm 820mm x 560mm
lay grip for foiling


Cylinders and Purlux can run both side lays
A3 platen uses Off/Far  lay
A2 platen uses both, but we prefer Near Lay


Common Issues


Time must be allowed for ink to harden properly. A common issue in foil printing is that the foil will not properly adhere to wet ink and will pull off the sheet. Be sure to allow time for this drying process, so that we can deliver you the best result.

Spray Powder

Powder spray must be kept to a minimum as it will also cause foil not to adhere properly or it will leave a sandpaper like result.